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Sicae APK EP.5 (Latest Version) Free Download Android (18+) Game

Sicae APK Game


Sicae APK is an adult (18+) game that has an entrancing tale and heart-touching graphics. The main character of the game Sicae APK is Kei. A child's past was full of thrills, which at first seems very sorrowful because of some family misconduct. So, he became absolutely silent and self-supporting, but as time went on, he moved to communal homes, where he became civilized due to the many neighbouring people. So, moderately, he starts to feel cosy around them and expose himself to them. This game is full of emotions and a dramatic story, and the story proceeds based on the conclusions made by gamers. 


As mentioned in the description, the Sicae APK game is the story of a child whose name is Kei. His past was full of thrills due to family misconduct and secrets. Moreover, the Sicae APK game allures the players because of its fascinating graphics and dramatic features.

If someone gets immersed in this game, he never wants to get out because of the game's storytelling contents.

The game is established through the heartwarming and action-packed narrative of the child, Kei. His infancy was filled with confusion and miscommunication because of the family matter. At first, his ancestry concealed secrets from him, due to which he faced a number of issues and unforgettable losses. Due to the circumstances he encounters, Kei becomes very restrained and silent and struggles to demonstrate his sentiments. His past made him publicly embarrassing and sheepish. His past incident made him decide to leave home and live in a communal home so that he could stay away from people who made his life more troublesome. When he moved to the communal home, he felt better about overcoming his past and becoming more demonstrative and friendly with the people there.

As the day goes on, new twists are developed in the story. Kei, who was trying to fold up his past and live a new life, sorted out that his partner was not dead but had been abducted. He found out that her abduction was connected to the deep secrets of his family. This severe and doubtful plot shocked the gamers and kept them on the edges of their seats. With time, things became more difficult for Kei, and he encountered many challenges. These tough circumstances put him in a quandary and forced him to take difficult decisions.

The game is full of excitement, struggling, and thrills. Once you start playing the game, you will never want to stop. Moreover, this game is in the form of episodes, and each episode brings a new twist to the game's story.

Features Of The Sicea APK Mod:

Sicae APK Interlude:

Sicea APK is in the shape of parts. So, every part has a new twist and animation. So, players should be curious to find out the new summons.


As we told you, this is a mature game. This game includes some mature icons and adult (18+) graphics. Therefore, it is advised that only adults use this game.

Strong Story:

The character of the story is the victim of some family secrets. Due to this, the character faces many tough circumstances and childhood traumas. As the game progresses, new facts come out in front of him and make him publicly sheepish.

How do I download the game Sicae APK?

Downloading any Android APK from the Apkibex website is a really easy task. Any new user can easily download the APK file by clicking on the download button. Then you can follow the step-by-step guide to install it successfully.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome and visit our website homepage.

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Step 4: Wait for the downloading process to complete, and once it has, open File Manager.

Step 5: Click on the APK file and tap "Install."

Step 6: If you have some installation issues, then click on settings.

Step 7: Here you need to enable “Unknown Sources” if it is disabled.

Step 8: Then click on the "Install" button and wait a few seconds.

Final Words:

Finally, the game is full of sentiments and emotions for players. The dramatic story of a child who loses his partner due to family secrets After that, he faces many difficulties in the society to survive. At last, he left his house for a shared house to release his sorrows and tension and start a new life. But when he finds out that his partner was not dead but abducted, his family was secretly involved, which makes the victim more intense. The intriguing plot twists and thrills keep the gamers on their toes. 

At the end, we suggest you download this matchless game and enjoy the twisting and dramatic scenes of the gameplay.

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